Danish Crafts & Design Association

DKoD is a national organization for professional designers and craftsmen. Our aim is to support high quality practice, professional collaborations and networking. This is achieved through various activities such as public events, seminars, fairs and international exhibitions.
DKoD was established in 1976.
Main events
  • The Biennale for Crafts & Design is a competition and exhibition for all professional craftsmen and designers.
  • Biennale award: 100.000DKR. Established in 1995.
  • Crafts Fair, Copenhagen: The largest out door fair in Scandinavia showcasing more than 130 professional craftsmen. Established in 1983.

Our Aims

  • To work for the development of Danish crafts and design
  • To care for members interest in all matter concerning trade, continued development and education
  • To propagate for knowledge of and use of craftsmen and designers and their works in all parts of the society
  • To strengthen and coordinate the area of crafts and design with special reference to create knowledge and recognition for crafts and design as a cultural factor

Board and committees: 

  • Cultural policy
  • Copyright
  • Schools of crafts and design
  • Museums and galleries 



  • The Biennale for Craft and Design biennalen.dk
  • The Crafts Fair at Frue Plads in Copenhagen www.craftsfair.dk
  • Coordination of participation in exhibitions and competitions in Denmark and abroad
  • Since 2010 part of NNCA, Nordic Network of Crafts Associations
  • Since 2012 the national entity of World Crafts Council – Europe 
  • Exhibitions, artist talks and happenings at Officinet 


Current exhibition at Officinet - Bredgade 66, Copenhagen:


5 November - 18 December 2016

by Artist Ingrid Kæseler

Opening hours:
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 12 pm-3 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 12 pm - 5 pm

Free entrance.


Further information

You may contact us for information about the association and our activities: Danish Crafts & Design Association Bredgade 66 DK-1260 Copenhagen K hds@dkod.dk  +45 33 15 29 40 (Tuesday - Friday 12 pm - 3 pm)
Instagram: @danishcraftsanddesign
Facebook: /DanskeKunsthaandvaerkere
Pinterest: Danish Crafts and Design